Shelter Gallery | November 25 - 26, 2022

“Recitations,” a [reading room] two-night event, occurred on Nov 25 & 26 from 6pm-9pm. [reading room] collaborates with writers, artists, and other cultural workers on the provision of post-studio/post-writing spaces to allow for the critical engagement and reconsideration of the objects of culture that we author. "Recitations" was a makeshift assembly of committed practitioners (artists, writers, scholars, educators, activists) attending to the reading of selected texts from the group’s own members. 


Invocations to the Muse 

Libraria | February 20, 2023

At Libraria Bookstore in 58 EJ Blanco, Dumaguete City, we had our first of many continuing events. This one was on the theme of love, called "Invocations to the Muse." Poets gave their own evocative and personal reflections on love, allowing the audience vulnerability and introspection. A night of poetry, it was well-attended by many local artists and writers.

Resonance - A Celebration of Women's Voices Through Stories and Songs

Libraria | March 31, 2023

At Libraria Bookstore in 58 EJ Blanco, Dumaguete City, we had our second event. This one was on the theme of women's voices, called "Resonance." With musical numbers by local artists and spoken word, fiction, and poetry by local writers, this event shed a light on the importance of women's issues in today's society. A night of stories and songs, it was well-attended by members of the community.