Every common UI menu icon and its use case

Icons — the graphics on a screen of a computer, app, or website. But not everyone knows what they are, or what they represent. For the user who is scrolling and wants to go into a specific part of the interface, be it a luxury website, an Apple computer, or a Kindle, identifying navigational menu icons can be a specific part of the problem.

You need a navigation to direct you to other sections, but where are the buttons you need to press? Why are they hidden? And once you accidentally hover ove

As firms go global, don't expect English to be spoken everywhere | theHRD

“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation…We are defined by the places we hold in the web of others’ lives,” says author Ken Liu. Indeed, in the fabric of society, we are held together by the web of other people’s lives, that web is made of the string of communication, and what holds the web intact is translation.

Translation can anchor multilingual employees in any company, according to this saying. This can be achieved through the best translation services. The best translation

Considerations for A Multilingual Content Strategy | UX Booth

What is multilingual content marketing, and how does it relate to user experience? Multilingual content marketing goes beyond search engine marketing and goes directly to the user–their culture, their habits, their trending news.

According to Visual Modo, more than 50% of consumers for goods from websites offering it in their language. Moreover, 72.1% of consumers spend all their time on websites in their language, 56.2% reported their ability to get information in their language is more import

Skeuomorphism in UX: What it is and why it disappeared

You must have seen skeuomorphic design at work, but maybe didn’t know that it was called that. If you’ve lived through the various stages of the iPhone, you would know that Steve Jobs favored skeuomorphic design at the beginning of development.

But what makes a design skeuomorphic in modern UI/UX? What key challenges and criticisms are there in modern-day skeuomorphic design? And, does skeuomorphism still apply to today’s UI/UX? We’ll take a look at how skeuomorphism began and its application t

Designing a landing page with the UX rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a somewhat hidden rule in design but is everywhere you look. Name any website, and you can easily spot the rule of thirds. See any billboard ad, and most likely the rule of thirds is present. Browse any marketing poster, and it’s probably there.

The rule of thirds is an old rule from artists dating back to the 1700s. And yet, its simple application holds preeminence in modern day marketing designs and is used by graphic artists everywhere you look.

All humans are drawn to

How to Drive More Sales with a Localized Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to find out more about how to localize to convert? Read on.

Research shows that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language, while there are only 23.5% English internet users in the world, according to CSA Research and Statista. So, why wouldn’t you localize? Localization to conversion is a proven strategy, with localized content boosting conversion 6 times higher, according to Design Rush.

Are you looking to drive more sales? Then you should be looking at a

Accounting for and accepting changes: 3 lessons in global UX design

Accounting for and accepting changes: 3 lessons in global UX design

When translating from English to other languages, or vice versa, there are a few challenges. We will go over these challenges, and purport the necessity of localized, translated content from the beginning of the UX process, so it can alleviate some of the challenges of translation in design. The solution to this problem is localized translated content.

So you’re translating your website so that it can become a multilingual one